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What we do:

At Corvus Consulting, we diagnose the underlying causes of issues your business may be having, prescribe solutions, and predict what challenges are likely to be coming as your organization grows.


We identify the key elements missing in your organization and help you infuse those elements through structured consulting engagements.


Infusing those elements into a business provides the organization with principles, tools, and methods that can be used going forward. There is no need for ongoing engagement from Corvus Consulting, these are not open ended engagements.


We facilitate the critical thinking needed to strengthen the strategy and tactics of an organization, which have a ripple effect throughout the business.

Our Services



Broad range of key element modules to help businesses with 1-20 employees get the foundations right.

business growth

Deep Dive
Element Infusion

A deep infusion of the specific elements that will be of most benefit to your business to help it grow sustainably, for all businesses with 1-c.350 employees.

exceptional manager

Exceptional Manager

For businesses with more than 35 employees who want to ensure that their management/leadership teams are all speaking the same language and are working together to build enduring structures within the business to maximise growth potential.


Why work with us?

Four reasons to work with the team at Corvus Consulting Ltd:

These are just four examples of what Corvus Consulting Ltd can help your business with. Have a look at the services pages to see more elements that we can help infuse into your business!


John Byrne with a client