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If your company is looking for focused, in-depth solutions that are uniquely configured to your business, then this option is right for you. When you engage Corvus Consulting Ltd to deliver one of our key element packages, you get the highest level of support and the greatest depth of content that we offer.

The Organizational ReWilding™ Process

We don’t approach businesses as machines that need to be fixed, but rather as dynamic, living systems filled with interrelated elements. Organizational ReWilding refers to the process of identifying the elements that are missing in a business or organization (each an ecosystem in its own right), and introducing those elements.


As part of the Organizational ReWilding Process, you and your team will meet with an Adviser for two-hour sessions on a regular basis. The length of the engagement depends on the elements involved, with some lasting longer than others, but each element typically lasts between four to ten sessions.


As a configurable framework, the first step is to identify the most important elements to infuse into your business and prioritize accordingly. The process typically takes between 9-24 months (depending on the number of elements needed, and the length of the specific elements). Below is a visual illustration of what the Organizational ReWilding Process looks like.

Adviser-Led Program Structure

While the program can last anywhere from between 9 and 24 months, depending on the number of elements that you decide to do, you can expect to see benefits much earlier. Organizations start to see improvements almost immediately, thanks to the power of adopting a common language and thanks to the way the sessions are structured. In the ReWild Learning System, you will learn new principles in advance of working sessions and apply the knowledge directly to your business in-between sessions. This accelerates the pace of change.


The schedule of sessions can vary, depending on the needs of the client and the requirements of the element. Typically, though, sessions with an Adviser are held for two hours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the duration of the engagement.

The 11 Elements of an Exceptional Business

Corvus Consulting Ltd will help you identify which of the 11 elements are missing from your business. The elements are arranged into four groups: Strategy, Culture, Leadership, and Infrastructure. Though each element stands on its own, a powerful synergy is created as additional elements are infused into the organization.


How? Each new element addresses the root cause of a business’s challenges, setting off a ripple effect of positive change and growth. The result is an exceptional organization that is more resilient and capable of navigating growth. Below are the 11 Elements of an Exceptional Business.










An introduction to the 11 elements can be found here.