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Structured support tailored to your business.


Do you have a growth mindset? Do you want your business to be less dependent on you for its day-to-day operations? The Micro-Business Coaching option is designed for business leaders like you—leaders who started or joined a small business to gain freedom but instead are feeling trapped by the constant demands on their time and attention.


Or maybe you’re looking for structure that can take away the endless guessing game. With so many decisions to make, you need guidelines to give you peace of mind—both for yourself and your employees—that the company is moving in the right direction.


The Micro-Business Coaching Program is both in-depth and flexible, designed to bring clarity (and ultimately independence) to the small-business owner who wants to scale and grow but is stuck or overwhelmed. Affordable, effective, and configurable to your needs, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of the Program

Coaching Topics

The following topics are covered during the coaching engagement. Based on the discovery phase, we will propose the best order of topics for your business.







Micro-Business Coaching Program Structure

The coaching program is made up of 12 core topics covered during 12 sessions. You can choose the pace of the workshop sessions from the three options below. Each session is between 90-120 minutes long and can be delivered to one person or to a small group of leaders, depending on your needs.


Steady Pace (12 months) – The Steady Pace program involves one session a month over a 12-month period of time.


Quick Start (9 months) – The Quick Start program begins with two sessions a month for the first three months, followed by six months of one session per month.


Rapid Pace (6 months) – The Rapid Pace program meets twice a month for six months.

Three Reasons Our Coaching is Effective

The Coach-Supported Program will change your business because it works. Why? Here are three reasons:


  1. Research-Driven Content – The principles of the program are research-based, which means that they have been gleaned from studying hundreds of other small and midsize businesses. These are not principles that simply sound good in theory but are ones that have played out in practice and have proven to be successful; principles that, when applied to your business, will have an immediate and lasting impact.

  3. The ReWild Learning System (RLS) – The ReWild Learning System is designed in such a way to bring the maximum impact possible from each session. You will watch short videos to prepare for each session, then spend the time together with Corvus Consulting working on your business and applying the new principles that you learned. Any assignments or follow-up work that takes place outside of coaching times are designed to give you a chance to further understand and refine the new concepts, ensuring that they stick.

  5. Targeted – Our coaching package is designed to target the areas of business that typically keep a micro-business leader from growth. In other words, you are specifically learning how to transition your owner-centric business to becoming an enterprise-centric one.